Booneh Heart Institute


Custom Software Development

ONE created an online application that automated Boone Heart's patient screening process, which allowed Boone Heart's screening staff to enter data on site.

It then allows the medical staff to create custom reports based on the patients data which uses a complex algorithm to determine if, and when a patient will have a cardiac arrest.

The system has a report editor that allows the medical staff to view the automated algorithm results and, if needed, make edits and additions.

All data is stored on a system server and the medical staff are able to create custom reports, extract, filter and chart data.



Document Management

ONE integrated a document management system into its Boone Heart software that allows for easy and convenient organization and allocation of documents. 

This custom built feature flows seamlessly into the rest of the system making it simple to use and navigate. This software automates the organization and management of all of your documents and media files. 

Built on our corporate collaboration platform, this web based software allows you to view and share documents from any location.



Content  Management

ONE’s flexible content management system allows users to upload and manage its own digital content. This  Content Management System automates and integrates the management of your digital content to provide you with the quickest and easiest update process.

With this system, the control is in the user’s hands as the software allows you to upload media specific to the organization from multiple locations.



Reporting Management

ONE’s Reporting Management System lets your organization consolidate data into one system that generates detailed reports portrayed through manageable and legible dashboards.

Processes are automated through the distribution of information and results to its appropriate department. This system consolidates and integrates information from your entire organization to give you the right data at the right time.



User Interface Design

ONE has created the most user friendly interface that is designed for the newest to the most veteran users. Our designs and functionalities are focused around simplicity and ease of use while maintaining a vast array of capabilities.  

The interface is always easy to navigate and allocates information and images in a mangeable way. Its organized layout makes for productive and efficient browsing. 



Campaign Management

The system provided an integrated newsletter manager that allowed staff to create custom campaign driven emails distributed with their performance reports.

It combines simple use and navigation with complex capabilites to allow users to communicate internally and externally for efficient and effective communication processes. 



Strategy & Consulting

ONE provides professional strategic analysis accompanied by expert consulting services. With its marketing, technology and design experts, ONE continues to provide premium services that yield positive and valuable results.

ONE uses its years of experience to target the specific needs of its clients in order to better integrate, automate and market the organization.

Our result driven approach allows ONE to focus on the end user while maintaining a high standard of precision throughout all of its processes. 



Business Intelligence

ONE has the unique ability to create meaningful, valuable and insightful information from complex and extensive inputs. 

This system diffuses countless variables and data to form logical and pertinent results and reports. This tool automates and integrates processes for the greatest efficiency, productivity and value.