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Approximately 47 million Americans do not speak English as their primary language. This creates a sizeable barrier for healthcare providers to communicate with and serve this 47 million person market. With increasing pressure from state and federal regulations, healthcare providers must seek out new avenues to bridge these communication gaps. 

This paves the way for healthcare translation technology to play a prominent role in creating clear and effective communication lines between providers and their customers. Technologies that offer speech-to-speech and text-to-text communication from one language to another are one of the many ways that healthcare providers can bridge this gap.

The following points are various benefits that translation technology can aid in the healthcare sector:

1. Reduced Costs

To support ONE's A.I.M. approach, this is where automation and integration play integral roles at reducing costs and boosting efficiencies. Reduce overhead costs associated with hiring translators to manually sit with patients and translate conversations. Why not have an automated system that is integrated with your other platforms to yield a quick and valuable report in REAL TIME! This cuts costs, boosts efficiency and increases productivity to allow healthcare providers to spend money on other innovative technologies and medicines.

2. Reduced Administrative & Staff Burden

Many providers have a limited number of interpreters on staff, especially on immediate notice. Speech-to-speech technology solves this lag time and staffing issue by automating the translation process immediately. Reduce costs, increase productivity and reduce staff burden by integrating translation technologies into the process. 

3. Increased Quality & Accuracy

The interpreter is typically not the doctor that is performing the healthcare work, this creates unnecessary communication points that allows for items to be lost in translation. When using an automated translation system, it will yield translations in real-time given directly to the doctor and/or employee handling the work. This streamlines the entire process and drastically reduces the chance for human error. 

4. Mobility

Building a web based and/or smart phone translation software allows for this technology to be accessible from any location. No longer will doctors and physicians need to wait for an interpreter in an emergency situation. This all leads back to increased efficiencies, lower costs and, most importantly, more value to the customer or patient.

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Thursday, 13 October 2011 17:41

Corporate Collaboration 2012

The new year is just around the corner...have you started preparing your business for 2012? Get all your employees and projects on track for the new year with ONE's Corporate Collaboration system. We will be launching a new version in 2012 with updates to improve communication and efficiency company-wide. Our Corporate Collaboration is a suite of collaborative tools that will now include the ability to web/video conference, chat and share files. All of these features can easily be added to your existing website and web software. Please contact us to find out how our Corporate Collaboration can be an asset to your company.

Thursday, 13 October 2011 16:15

Smart Cow is Fully Optimized

With frozen yogurt shops popping up left and right, it is more important now more than ever to be highly visible on all search engines.  Smart Cow Yogurt Bar is now fully optimized and can be easily searched usking key words such as "yogurt Arvada" for all consumers looking for the best flavors and toppings in town.  SEO is not something companies can ignore anymore, it is one of the most profitable long-term assets a copany can secure for itself.  Don't let your competition beat you out, get fully optimized today.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011 12:57

ONE Completes Verio Project

Check out ONE's latest creation. ONE worked with Verio, a subsidiary of NTT America who provide Web Hosting and Internet services to businesses, to develop and design their webpage as well as deliver strategy and consulting services. We used our strategic consulting practices to determine where to place their products on their website in order to get the most traction and return. ONE's team built and designed an engaging and marektable site to yield optimal results and the highest customer retention. Data is portrayed in a logical and useful manner and its simple and user friendly interface makes for easy client navigation and productive browsing. Go ahead and check it out yourself: Let us know what you think!
Wednesday, 25 May 2011 12:57

ONE purchases Hippo Drive


Wednesday, 22 December 2010 10:06

New Drupal Video

Contact us to discuss your online marketing strategy!
Monday, 16 May 2011 09:44

Google Maps Video

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