A .I .M. Approach

Using our Proprietary "A. I. M." approach, we look at your organization as a whole to identify custom solutions that automate, integrate  and market your organization.


alt Automate 
Automate business processes, software, user applications and systems
alt Integrate 
Integrate design, business processes, databases, software, legacy systems, etc
alt Market 
Campaigns, designs and user interfaces (UI) created for organizations' target markets and end-user experience





ONE Process


We meet with your team and key stakeholders in order to learn more about your goals and your business as a whole. Once we have a thorough understanding of your unique systems and organizational issues,  we apply our proprietary A.I.M. approach in order to identify custom solutions which can better automate, integrate and market your organization.  During this phase, we provide a detailed report of the following:

  • Planning, Research & Discovery
  • Project Planning & Scheduling
  • Requirements Definition
  • Conceptual System Design
  • Apply Proprietary A.I.M. Approach



Based upon our findings in the Discovery phase, we provide consulting using our A.I.M. method. You benefit from our many years of experience, not only in technology, but in strategy, marketing and operations, and experience a highly efficient, rapid-results consultation process:

  • Technology Consulting
  • Strategy Consulting
  • Marketing Consulting
  • Operation Consulting



After consultation, we work with you and your team to craft the best solutions to achieve your goals.  Our own aim is to deliver customized solutions which will yield powerful results for your organization.  Below is a typical list of deliverables during the Design phase:

  • User Interface Design
  • Front-end Design
  • Back-end Design 
  • Prototyping & Modeling
  • System Architecture



Web and software development is an evolving process where technical requirements can change regularly, especially during development, as we construct your custom solution.  Our goal is to deliver a finished product which will best suit your organizational needs, and we acknowledge that there will be adjustments made to meet your specific requirements and adapt to ever-shifting business environments:

  • Programming
  • Testing & Quality Assurance
  • User Documentation
  • Program Documentation



During the deployment of your software, we make sure that your new solution will be installed correctly and run optimally.  We will ensure that the solution performs per your requirements, that your team can fully utilize all functionality, and that it increases your company’s efficiency and effectiveness.  This stage usually includes the following:

  • Hardware/Software Installation 
  • Data Conversion
  • User Training
  • Testing & Quality Assurance