Our Philosophy


Results Driven

From designing elegant, easy-to-use websites to developing complex software, we strive to build web solutions which can automate, integrate and market your organization. ONE is a result driven agency with a proven track record. Our hands-on approach allows us to work directly with clients so that we identify and exceed their needs and expectations.


The mission of ONE Business Software is to provide the highest quality web technology and marketing services available to automate, integrate and market its clients' organizations, therefore delivering positive and valuable results.



Corporate Values


The values that guide ONE's service commitment, decision making and employee expectations are:

QUALITY– superior performance, customer care and customer service

INTEGRITY – steadfast adherence to ethical operations, trustworthiness and best practices

INNOVATION– constant improvement and new dimensions of performance

RELATIONSHIPS – truly connecting with clients, professionals and employees in a meaningful way

RESPONSIVENESS – reacting quickly to people or events, and continually evolving

EFFICIENCY – minimizing the time, energy and resources expended to accomplish objectives

RESULTS – providing effective technology and marketing services that can create positive results and achieve the goals and objectives of our clients