Apple's 'Swift' Move (June 5th)

There are a lot of emotions flying around with app developers right now after Apple announced its new programing language at its World Wide Developer Conference.

Apple fanatics were ecstatic to hear the news about the new programing language, Swift, that is supposed to make iOS and Mac OS X development “easier.” Without digging too far into the technical details, Swift was created to increase productivity and automate programming tasks for developers. It’s great to hear that Apple is being so kind to think of its developers, but is ‘new’ always better?

Being more productive and accomplishing more while doing less is typically a great goal, but at what costs? Should developers put all of their projects on hold to invest time into learning this new programming environment? And, is this really Apple sticking its head out for developers worldwide or is it a strategy to further close off their ecosystem for capital gains?

Regardless of these inherent concerns from developers, the reality is that software engineers across the globe will need to adopt this new technology in order to survive in the digital space. As seen in the past, the developers that can quickly adapt to the constantly evolving technology platforms will typically yield the best gains.

ONE’s team is always at the forefront of innovation which is why we are already anticipating these changes to provide even more value for our customers.



Measuring ROI in the Mobile Landscape (Feburary 6th) 

The importance of assessing ROI is everything, especially in mobile. With a firm mobile presence, earnings can not only be improved, but business processes can become more streamlined. In order to effectively monitor your ROI there are several aspects that must be accounted for:

First, you must decide if an app is even truly worth the cost, weighing the pros and cons to investing in such a project. Determine if your upfront costs will truly benefit from the long-term results of the application(s). Secondly, be sure to incorporate the fees incurred with keeping the app updated and functioning. In mobile, you can juxtapose your costs to what is being collected, including revenues, users and data. The next thing you must be aware of is your adoption rate. If no one is using your app there is no reason to spend the money to build it. Finally, one of the most important aspects to consider is customer service. If a customer has a good experience, he or she is much more likely to come back and use your product/services again, increasing your margins even further. 

Measuring ROI is always a challenge especially when it comes to mobile apps, but if successfully implemented, the long-term benefits will outweigh the upfront costs. As our society continues to adopt mobile technologies, so must businesses, by giving customers and end users new avenues to connect. If you are hesitant to start your next mobile project call one of our consultants to learn about how to build results in the mobile landscape. 

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Tis the Season (January 16th)

This year’s holiday season was record breaking in the mobile industry with a massive 21.8% of shopping done by mobile devices and eCommerce. With such high numbers we can continue to see the consumer take comfort in ordering their top holiday items straight from their mobile device. Even Cyber Monday broke its own records, again, beating last year’s numbers by 20.6% with an average order value of $128.77 thanks to its 17% mobile consumer base. With Forbes reporting a 55% rate of consumers intent to shop online, retailers are taking notice, updating their current apps and investing in new technology such as NFC (Near Field Communication) and iBeacon. To conclude, mobile apps are a small cost in turn for their long term benefits, increasing sales figures and creating additional touch points to more customers. If you want to increase your customer base, sales, and make your business more successful, a mobile app can do just that. Partner with ONE Business Systems to create your mobile road map. 
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iBeacon and CES (January 9th)

Next month CES is hosting an iBeacon scavenger hunt to further show Apple’s futuristic consumer tracking technology and how it will change consumer and supplier interactions. iBeacon transmits a type of low energy Bluetooth that works as a highly accurate indoor GPS, making this technology especially useful in grocery stores, parking garages, and other retailer locations. With iBeacon the user is the signal, triggering deals and promotions based on what items they walk past. This push promotion gives the consumer an additional incentive to buy that particular item, spending more money. The CES iBeacon will push specific booth information while also guiding users to new interesting locations. Theoretically, the venue could even track the amount of traffic in specific areas and which booths are popular based off iBeacon. As we continue into the future this technology will most likely become part of our regular shopping activities, creating trouble for competitors that do not follow this trend. At ONE Business Systems we are looking toward the future and have started to work with these iBeacon solutions in our new upcoming apps. We know this is a very untapped and upcoming market waiting for opportunistic entrepreneurs to exploit is future expansion.