Web Design &  Development

ONE created an interactive e-learning tool that can be distributed electronically to help medical professionals learn dosage requirements and usage.

The system automates and integrates the information so that data is portrayed in a logical and useful manner for the users. 

This progressive tool has helped Medtronic’s medical professionals increase efficiency and productivity while also benefiting the patients. 

Simply put, this system makes the medical professional’s lives much easier as this tool automatically monitors and manages their workload.

Its simple and user friendly interface makes for efficient navigation and productive browsing. 



Strategy & Consulting

ONE provides professional strategic analysis accompanied by expert consulting services. With its marketing, technology and design experts, ONE continues to provide premium services that yield positive and valuable results.

ONE uses its years of experience to target the specific needs of its clients in order to better integrate, automate and market the organization.

Our result driven approach allows ONE to focus on the end user while maintaining a high standard of precision throughout all of its processes.