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Corporate Collaboration

ONE has developed the ultimate collaboration platform. This innovative software integrates and automates communication processes, which translates to great user efficiency and productivity. Good for internal and external communications, ONE's Corporate Collaboration system connects you with the personnel and information needed for your operations. Its simple and organized design makes for efficient navigation and productive networking. Features include online profiles, file and media sharing, direct chat, web and video conferencing, discussion boards, digital white boards and many other features that will keep you connected to the personnel and operations essential to a profitable business.Read more

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Human Resource Management


ONE has built a Human Resource Management System that can accommodate all of your HR needs. This system is capable of integrating and automating each aspect of your HRM process into concise, measurable and comprehensible information. Our software is completely flexible to suit any business operation. We combine our Corporate Collaboration technology with our Human Resource Management system to create the most innovative and valuable HR system around. Features include personnel information management, employee self-service, leave, time & attendance, scheduling, credentialing, payroll, CRM and recruitment.

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Compliance Management

ONE took its progressive technology capabilities and created a fully customizable Compliance Management System. If you need to create a compliance measure, our unique software can automate and integrate the entire tracking process all the way through to completion and surveillance. Our Compliance Management System is also built on our Corporate Collaboration platform. This ONE of a kind Compliance Management System simplifies complex processes for the user. With completely customizable back end inputs and a user friendly operating system, our Compliance Management System will expedite any compliance task your organization demands.

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Content Management

ONE's Content Management Systems can automate the management of your digital content to provide you with a quick and easy update process. With our systems, the control is in the user's hands, as our software allows you to upload media specific to your changing organization. Our CMS features Joomla, Drupal, Ektron, Adobe Business Catalyst, Word Press, and Get Interface (Flash CMS).  Read more

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Reporting Management

ONE's Reporting Management System allows your organization the opportunity to consolidate data into one system. This system can generate detailed reports that will portray manageable and legible dashboards for your users. The distribution of information, such as report results, is automated; these pieces of information are passed on to appropriate departments within your organization. Processes are automated through the distribution of information and results to its appropriate. Read more

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Performance Management

ONE's Performance Management Software allows users to set up quantitative and qualitative goals which can be compared to real time results. Our system tracks and analyzes an organization's performance and growth to provide custom dashboards that can display user and administrative reports. We provide our clients with the most pertinent information possible to help guide their organizations to be more efficient, productive and profitable. Read more

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Project Management

ONE acknowledges that each organization is responsible for unique projects and tasks. With our Project Management Software, we automate and integrate the entire project process. Starting with deployment and carrying through to project completion, our Project Management system can provide you with an efficient and productive path to yield positive results. With very limited input required, our project manager will guide you through every task by providing you real time updates and reminders to ensure that your project gets completed in a timely manner.

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Document Management

Save paper, resources, time and money with ONE's essential Document Management System. We have built this custom software to automate the organization and management of documents and media files. Built on our corporate collaboration platform, this web based software allows you to view and share documents from any location. Save your time, money, and the environment with ONE's Document Management System. Read more