Town Of Lyons


Web Design &  Development

ONE designed, developed and implemented the town’s municipal web site that acts as a marketing site for tourism as well as a resource for current residents and businesses.

After many discovery discussions, ONE created two user experiences for the defined target markets (Current Residents and Tourists) that enhanced the web sites usability and messaging.







Custom Software Development

ONE built the Town of Lyons site all on a document and content management system. Users can now upload, share and edit any documents or digital media. Information and data processes are allocated to the pertaining departments through our automated and integrated software.


With this software, the Town of Lyons has been able to save resources and increase efficiency by storing and organizing its content and documents digitally. ONE provides the most innovative and valuable software for any business or organization that yields valuable and positive results. 




Document Management

ONE integrated a document management system into its Town of Lyons Website that allows for easy and convenient organization and allocation of documents. 

This custom built feature flows seamlessly into the rest of the system making it simple to use and navigate. This software automates the organization and management of all of your documents and media files. 

Built on our corporate collaboration platform, this web based software allows you to view and share documents from any location.



Content  Management

ONE’s flexible system allows users to upload and manage its own digital content. This  Content Management System automates and integrates the management of your digital content to provide you with the quickest and easiest update process.

With this system, the control is in the user’s hands as the software allows you to upload media specific to the organization from multiple locations.



Strategy & Consulting

ONE provides professional strategic analysis accompanied by expert consulting services. With its marketing, technology and design experts, ONE continues to provide premium services that yield positive and valuable results.

ONE uses its years of experience to target the specific needs of its clients in order to better integrate, automate and market the organization.

Our result driven approach allows ONE to focus on the end user while maintaining a high standard of precision throughout all of the processes. 



Sustainable Web & Hosting

ONE provides sustainable web hosting that is powered by renewable energy sources such as wind and solar power. 

ONE takes its operations beyond the web and acknowledges the importance of respecting and protecting the environment.